I’m sure you’ve come across all the ridiculous terms… Vegeto, Veto (Vegan Keto), Pegan (Paleo-Vegan) and more but really, adopting a ketogenic diet and being vegan isn’t as hard as they make it out to be.

The key part of a ketogenic diet/lifestyle is shifting your food sources to contain low carb, medium protein and high (good) fats. Often referred to a (LCHF) diet. Non-vegans will find this easy to do with fish, shellfish, eggs and red meat however vegans will need to be creative (but we’re used to that anyway!).

Vegan Keto Food Sources

Vegan-friendly fat sources [1]

There are plenty of vegan-friendly fat sources that you can incorporate into your diet.

Protein sources on a ketogenic diet [2]

Whilst getting ‘good fats’ is important on a ketogenic diet, you still need to get an adequate amount of protein. There are still plenty of protein sources that are animal friendly.

So, with the above, there’s surely enough to get you started right? You can head over to our blog and find recipes (both vegan & non-vegan) to get motivated.