Sometimes when you hear about a product with amazing benefits, it’s usually just too good to be true. We came across a product that we thought was just like this, it’s called Keto//OS. After a few eye rolls, we finally started listening and tried the product. As a total skeptic, I found myself thinking Keto//OS is just another Skinny Tea, Juicing or Detox diet and we’ve tried them all (even the extreme – grapefruit diet, 5 & 2, Cabbage Soup… yes really, the Cabbage Soup diet is a real thing). After a week we had a totally different perception of the product because it (surprisingly) started working.

Keto OS Benefits

Keto//OS is a ketone supplement that can give you the benefits of Ketosis in 60 minutes without having to be in nutritional ketosis (that means you don’t need to be on a strict high-fat, low cab diet for weeks to reap the benefits). The range of Keto//OS products claim that they help with:

  • Focus
    • Reduced brain fog and increased awareness
  • Energy
    • Fast and sustained energy from within
  • Fat Loss
    • Assists in abdominal fat loss
  • Sleep
    • Wake up feeling recharged and fresh
  • Strength
    • Increased strength & less inflammation
  • Mood
    • Help regulate your ups and downs

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we’ve been on the product for a while and can honestly say… it’s legit. We’ve noticed all the benefits but here’s an overview of what we’ve personally experienced.

What we experienced on Keto OS

After 60 minutes, I felt my mind was clear – no more brain fog! After a few days on Keto//OS and adopting a Ketogenic diet I found myself getting up, going for walks, and exercising more – perhaps it was a combination of my new-found mind-set and the energy boost from the product. After a couple of weeks, I noticed my clothes getting looser and I started feeling more confident about my body. Sleep became deeper and my partner noticed the shift in my mood (I mean, there was nothing wrong with my mood in the first place… right?).

The product is not available to buy over the counter but luckily, we’ve got hook-ups. Read more about the products or ready to take the plunge? You can order through us here –